Day 10- Tennis

I’m officially the worst tennis player to walk this earth. But alas, this fierce tenacity of mine will not let me quit. I’m in love with the popping melody of tennis balls being kissed by rackets. I am genuinely overwhelmed with joy when my strings make contact with that fuzzy little highlighter colored ball.

Much like tennis, I am realizing that I suck at this clean eating and healthy lifestyle thing. It’s so tempting to sum up both of those things with the word, “diet.” But we all know, it’s not a diet. “Diet” means the food a person eats, it’s not the limitations they set on themselves for weight loss. Let’s get that definition right, people.

Anyway, this very short entry to state that although maintaining sobriety from gluttony cannot be absolutely perfect, I must continue. I must go on. I must keep trying. I will never be perfect, eating well will never be perfect. But, I must go on.

One day, I will be better at tennis. I pray to one day be better at this too! Lord, help me.


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