Day 14- Soup

I had the privilege of being asked to join one of my close friends to go pray over her cousin today. He has been in a coma for some time and we’ve been praying for his recovery for months now. It’s great to be part of a community that is so interdependent.

We encouraged her aunt and shared some Gospel truth with her, and prayed over her cousin. After that, I was invited by she and her husband to go out and have some Korean food. My food has been so messy this week that I was honestly reluctant to say yes. I was scared that I would mess up my food even more.

I ended up going and eating a very balanced meal. I had some beef, and half a cup of steamed rice with the greatest tofu soup ever. The soup was piping hot, I mean, still boiling in the pot. (Which is the exact temperature I like my food!!) Anyway the soup was amazing and I feel like it restored my happiness. I know how silly that is. But I needed it. This week has been messy, especially food wise. I’m quite nervous for weigh in tomorrow.

Whatever the outcome, I take full responsibility. Anyway, today, I was able to eat a healthy dinner at a Korean restaurant and eat piping hot soup which not only blessed my tummy, it blessed my soul as well. Is it wrong to think that, Lord? Am I making food more than food? Hmm…



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