Day 34- Ugh 

Super long day yesterday. Very tired. Woke up this morning, went to turn my car on, and nothing. Tried to jumpstart it and nothing. Ugh

Had to borrow my brothers car to get to a meeting I was an hour late for! Then I had to attend a family event for hours and hours. Ugh

Finally get home with my replaced new battery, assuming everything would be fine. It doesn’t work. It’s gotta be something else that’s messed up, and that I’m sure I can’t afford. Ugh.

This week began with my dads anniversary, three back to back events, parties, and filming (tomorrow). Last two days I’ve been too busy to stop and read Jeremiah (the book I’m currently studying) which has a direct effect on my attitude and my food. Ugh

Speaking of which, I hate holiday season because from thanksgiving to New Years it’s like a socially acceptable BINGE!!! I ate lots of sweets yesterday (I kept allowing it because of the “special occasion.”) I ate sweets today!!! I’m completely unstoppable once I start!!!! So, I’ve had way too much sugar this week! Ugh

My gym takes two weeks off for Xmas, so I won’t be able to go work out for another two weeks!!! Thursday was my last day! Couple that with sweets, and I’m gonna be so pissed when I gain weight!!!!! Ugh!
My bills are piling up and my phone creditors be calling non stop, my car’s broken, I’m broke, today’s my daddy’s birthday and I can’t even go to the cemetery for nostalgias sake and my apt building just got the hot water shut off!! UGH!!!!

Cry. Pray. Read. Sleep. Good night.


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