Day 39- Bow

Woke up a bit blue. God blessed me with a beautiful overcast, dark day. And while I drove, I caught this beautiful sight!! (Don’t drive and snap pics!! Even though this is my second day in a row doing it!!!! lol sorry, po-po’s!!) I just had to!!! 
This rain”bow” (a covenant sign of God’s love and promise- Genesis 9:13) made my day. Absolutely cheered me up! Yesterday Jesus gave me beauty in the sunset. Today I got a rainbow. I am spoiled!!!! I don’t know many people who look at the sky as much as I do. I am so thankful that my Lord speaks to me in my languages!!! (Astronomy, Poetry, jazz & dinosaurs!! Lol) 

Thank you Abba!!! I love you too. I love you my King, Jesus!! 


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