Day 40- People

I began my day by waiting for a friend at Coffee Bean. As I got there, a kind man got in line right before me. As the girl calls me over to order, the man steps aside and once I order my rooibos tea latte with sugar free vanilla (yuck- fake sugar!! But I couldn’t bring myself to do the regular one!!), she informs me that the man has paid for everyone’s drinks. I look over and smile and thank him, and he turns to me and says “Merry Christmas.” And walked away. 

A total stranger bought me tea this morning. And not only me, but for maybe 25-30 others! I mean, seriously Mr! That was a classy move. I found out the guy’s name was Jesse. So, if you read this, Mr. Jesse, who bought coffee for everyone at Coffee Bean on 12/22 @10:30 am… thank you!! Totally classy, man. 😉 I prayed for you. 

I met with my new friend, C and it was such a great time. And I was still happy and high because of free tea, feeling so hopeful about the human race!! And then once our wonderful fellowship was over, I took my mom and sister to the grocery store.

My oldest sister is disabled. She is very ambulatory and capable, but she is legally disabled. So when I arrived to pick her back up from the store, after having dropped her off 20 min before, I see her walking out and I pull up to the fire lane to help her. I put my hazard lights on, and her disabled placard on the mirror and I pop the trunk for her to load her groceries in the back. 

As I wait, she says she doesn’t need help so I watch her in the mirror. When all of a sudden I’m confronted with the security guard. This is best told as if I were writing a play. So, here goes… 

SHE: (shouting before approaching the vehicle) Everyone here has found a spot, but you’re more important than everyone else, right!?

ME: (completely taken aback) Excuse me? 

SHE: This is not a parking spot. You think you’re special!?

ME: I’m sorry, I’m just waiting as my disabled sister get her stuff in. 

SHE: If she was really disabled she wouldn’t be doing that! 

ME: Why are you speaking to me in that way? 

SHE: I am not speaking in bad way!

ME: You don’t have to be rude. You could ask me politely to move. 

SHE: (with loaded sarcasm) Oh, you can’t park here, can you please move!

ME: Yes, once my sister finishes. 

SHE: If she was really disabled she wouldn’t do that. 

ME: Are you questioning the validity of her disability? Do you see her placard? Her cane? 

SHE: No! No! She’s not disabled! Move!

ME: Do not speak to me that way. 

(Sister is loading trunk, listening to everything)
SHE: I tell you now, you move your car! This is not parking spot! If she really disabled, park in handicap place.
ME: They’re all taken. I’m just loading here.

SHE: She not sick! If she was, she wouldn’t be doing that.

ME: Look, she’s right there. Speak to my sister and not to me anymore. 

SHE: (she turns to my sis) You, you must move! 

SIS: What’s your name?

And she told my sis her name, both my mom and sis got into the car and we drove off. I mean… seriously!? 

I’ve never been spoken to in such a hostile way! I seriously did nothing!! I know fire lanes read “no parking” and I also know that we’re called to honor the law. And thus, when you get down to letter, it was wrong to park there. However, the door was 60 ft from my car, and my sister was already walking out when I pulled up. She is capable of loading her bags, in spite of her disability. I think that if police were present, they wouldn’t have asked me to move at all. Especially considering my emergency lights and disabled placard. The whole thing took 8 min, max and I was getting yelled at the whole time!

I mean, seriously?? Why are we so mean to each other?? Ugh. People. Seriously, I’m so thankful that God is God because I couldn’t handle loving such unlovable people. I don’t know if I prayed for her when I drove off. But I just prayed for her now. I don’t wish her any ill will. My sis did call and complain tho. But, that’s her thing. I just know, that I don’t like being spoken to in such an ugly way. I pray the Lord blesses her with good days and more obedient ppl than me. 

Lord help me love those who are least lovable. Just like you did with me!!! Just like Mr. Jesse loved on a bunch of strangers today. Thank you for loving me, Lord. 


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