Day 41- Popcorn

Why do I do it? Why do I put myself in situations where I am not strong enough to go, yet? 
I am so arrogant that I would think that I can handle what I can’t. My Christmas gift to my family was to give them all frozen popcorn. If you’ve never had frozen popcorn, it’s probably because you don’t live in California and/or because you didn’t know such a beautiful wonderful thing existed. 

In the west end corner of the San Fernando Valley exist a little place called “California Frozen Poppers” it’s run by this incredible genius named Josh who created a popcorn that is drizzled with his unique caramel sauce and covered in the most incredible toppings ever (vegan, g-free options too). If you’ve never been there, you must go! If you live out of state here is his website, check it out and do yourself a favor and order something!! My personal favorite is Hefty Melons, Aztec Gold and Cranberry Snowflake.

Okay, aside from THIS popcorn being the greatest popcorn on earth and it being the greatest gift on earth I’m not ready to face popcorn. What would make me think that I can go into a place I love as much as this shop and be able to have self control? 

I bought 12 bags of popcorn. I only needed 10. I kept two for myself insisting that I would keep it in the freezer, and eat it whenever I had a craving for it. Yep, you better believe it, I ate a bunch of popcorn today. I didn’t finish the bags!! Which is a miracle in itself! But I did eat more than I should have. This stuff is unbelievably good and it makes for such a wonderfully special treat! But, in my current state of struggling with sugar, I shouldn’t have allowed myself to get a bag, let alone two! In my defense, I thought I needed 11, and because of their awesome deal of buy three, get one free, I thought I was making a wise choice. I thought I’d give the rest of the bags away, but I ended up keeping them. That was my error. 

I’m too weak in the face of CFP!!! I don’t care for other popcorn! NOTHING is as good as CFP, nothing!! But, I am not strong enough to go near it and not have any. 

Recently, I did it with pizza. I was able to say no. I hope to be able to know my limits and triggers and know to stop it before I go too far. I don’t want to be arrogant, Lord. I want to be wise. I want to know and avoid what I’m too weak to do. 

This doesn’t reflect poorly at all on CFP, seriously, check them out! Lol. If anything, it should tell you how delicious it is! 

The problem is me. I don’t think I’m dealing with food issues the right way. If someone you know was an alcoholic, you wouldn’t send them on a beer run, right? I think I need to have the same mentality. I think I’ve been arrogant to think I don’t have to guard my heart as carefully. Woah!! Major realization. 
I can handle buying ppl popcorn as a gift. I did that well. I’m not condemned in eating any, either. Because it’s darn good, and because I’m free to do so. BUT I must do things with wisdom. I want to be prudent. Oh Lord, wow. Thank you for revealing that. Forgive me for my arrogance. Give me humility in the face of struggle and weakness. Lord, lead me in guarding my heart. Lead where my feet go and do not let me harm myself. Even a simple decision like this reveals my own inner tendency to self destruct. I am seriously thankful Lord, that I didn’t finish the two bags!! I am!! That’s a miracle! Thank you Lord!  

Oh!! And, I love you California Frozen Poppers!!!! (Best popcorn of earth, and great counseling tool apparently!! Lol) 😉 


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