Day 46- Dinah

While busy at work, I get a phone call from my Mumsie asking me to swing by the house to look at “the baby.” I decide I’ll swing by when I get back from the grocery store. Then, while dealing with fighting children by my side, at the check-out, I get a frantic phone call from my sister scolding me about taking “the baby” to the vet. Yes folks, “The baby” is my 2.5 yr old Siamese Beauty, Dinah Duluoz.

Yes, Duluoz. (Shout out to my Kerouac!!) Dinah was rescued in 2014. She, along with her siblings were thrown out and beaten when they were newborns. I met her when she was a week old. She was beautiful and so tiny she fit in the palm of my hand. She had a broken tail, and a wounded eye. To this day, she is still skittish when it comes to loud noises and ruckus. The moment I met her, I fell in love and was certain that we were meant to be. I always wanted a female cat, so I could name her “Dinah” like Alice in Wonderland. Having always felt like Alice myself, I was ecstatic to find out she was in fact female. Dinah stayed with her foster mom for the first two months of her life because she had to be bottle fed to be able to be released once she managed to weigh 3 lbs. I adopted her in November of 2014. And since then, our lives have never been the same!

Dinah imprinted on me and followed me EVERYWHERE when she first arrived. Once I had to go back to school, it kept me out of the house much of the day. Thus, it was that moment she fell in love with my mother. My mom is in her seventies and because of Dinah, I am convinced my mom’s health has improved. She has someone to talk to, care for, and love on, and Dinah just eats it up! Needless to say, she traded me in for the Original, and now, they are inseparable.

The kids are mad for her and my sister is obsessed with her. As you can already tell, Dinah is one very spoiled (and I’ll repeat, beautiful) cat. We’ve celebrated her birthday every year (it’s really just an excuse for us to eat cake), and we’ve face-timed with her. She’s incredibly loved.

So when I get these phone calls from her number one fans about how I am being a bad cat mom by not taking her to the vet because something’s wrong with her eye, I’m totally annoyed because they’re both overreacting. I get home and check her eye which looks like she just got hair in it or something simple like that, they’re both mad at me for not doing anything about it. Cat’s get pink eye, just like humans, so that’s going through my mind. But, I’m pretty sure in this case, it’s nothing. I decide that I will do nothing and just keep an eye on it.

Hours later, I take a look at her face and see that she has debris in her eye. I shine a bright light over her face and with a Q-tip I remove the debris. A little later, I check it again and clean her face, and while I’m at it, I decide to bathe her (with waterless kitty wipes) and then I decide I’ll trim her nails. She reluctantly lets me.

After a while I attempt to hold her and she gets angry and runs away. This long ode to Dinah to share how ironic it is that she is so angry at me for loving her so well, and here I am sometimes resenting Jesus for loving and caring for me in ways I do not understand.

Dinah doesn’t understand that my cleaning her eyes and trimming her nails is for her own good. Like I don’t understand that Jesus allowing me to struggle with sugar cravings is for my own good. He can absolutely remove them all. He is all-powerful and Sovereign. However, the struggle makes the victories that much better! By struggling I learn to depend on Him, I learn temperance, and self-control. I learn to flex muscles I have never used. Especially the “no” muscle. I feel like many of us Christian women need to learn to use that muscle. We tend to over work ourselves because we say “yes” to too much sometimes.

Anyway, I love how the Lord always uses children or even cats in this case to teach us lessons that are important. For me, this was a big lesson. I must trust my Heavenly Father as He heals and removes the debris in my eyes that cause me to see things cloudy and out of focus. I need Him to restore and heal my vision. I need His healing to not only see clearer and sharper, but to also see the things that only He can show me.

Things like self-control, obedience, and eating in a God-fearing way. And also stuff like how beneficial it is to have Dinah in my life, and how much of a blessing a simple cat can be. And how much He loves me, even as He cleans all my wounds and problems. Oh, what a good and MERCIFUL God!! Thank you Jesus. I love thee! See, there was a point!! Thanks for reading this ode to Dinah!! 😉

These are pics of Dinah’s b-days, her studying Microbiology with me, as a baby when she first moved in, and her hanging with her momma. 🙂 You had to see her!!




4 thoughts on “Day 46- Dinah

  1. I’m enjoying your blog! I love that He shows us things so that he can remove them from us!
    I also have a purely technical response to this post. Have you heard about probiotics helping with sugar cravings?


    1. No! Do tell. I usually stick to the rule of what you eat, is what you crave. So when I’m struggling with sugar cravings it’s because I’ve eaten it and I’m struggling to stop. But I’d love to hear more, so please share! 🙂 and Praise God He does reveal to heal!! So very thankful for that!!! Amen!


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