Day 47- Energy

Where!? Where do kids get this crazy energy from??? I am so tired! I haven’t felt this tired doing housework since my dad was around. My niece and nephew have been on Winter break for a couple weeks now and that means that I watch them all day until their parents get home.

Well today I had the brilliant idea to make breakfast, lunch and dinner all at once so I could get out of the kitchen once and for all. As I was cooking I realized I had to go to the grocery store to get some missing ingredients. So I drive there and back. I finish making meals and then I decide to take the kids to the library for the free craft hour. (Can I digress for a second… if you are not taking advantage of the free things your local library offers, you are surely missing out!! Free fun for all!! I love you Public Libraries!!)

By this time, I’m already sore from being on my feet all day. But I had promised these monkeys that I’d take them to play tennis after the Library. So I drag my very tired butt and their very hyper butts to the courts and we manage to get some good playing in! I am already sore! I got in some good serves and managed to help them learn a little more. Although I feel like all I ever say is, “it’s not baseball!” haha

After tennis their parents pick them up for basketball practice and I drag my very tired body to a hot shower and bed!!! I don’t know where kids get their energy from, but give me some of that Lord. Please? That is one of my favorite things to observe as I drop pounds. The lighter I get, the more energy I have. I can’t wait. Give me some more energy Lord. I’d love to be unstoppable. Not for my benefit or fame. But for yours!

I bet everyone says stuff like that. Oh Father, help me make you famous even when you stop me and when you keep me still as well. This very moment in my life feels like one of those moments. This later portion of the year has been so hard. I know you have called me to stillness. Abba, be made famous even in this time. Forgive me for wanting more. Use me, as you’d like.

Here am I, Lord.


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