Day 49- Bonus

After writing and all that, I decided I would cook some dinner. So I opted to make tomato soup, which I’ve never done before! I just had to show you what I ate for dinner tonight! It was WONDERFUL!!! 

I had tomato bisque and a BLT! Delish! Home made, and carb free (practically- the soup has 1/2 c Greek yogurt). 

BLT close up- sugar free, low sodium bacon, tomato and lettuce. Literally. Nothing else. No sauce. It was brilliant.

Soup close up- 28 oz canned tomatoes, diced onion and garlic sautéed, basil, salt, pepper, Greek yogurt and a handful of cheese, blended and brought to a boil, perfect!

And here’s the kicker! I made a sugar free dessert too! This was my dinner! I dislike Sugar substitutes, but I found the gelatin stuff quite barable, since I used so little. I have no problem with it since I never use it. All in all, it was wonderful! It’s totally possible to eat well sans [many] carbs! Just had to share. 🙂 


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