Day 50- Meals

Such a wonderful day of praising King Jesus today!! We had a worship service that blessed my heart so very much! The Lord showed me some big things which I will share later. But for now, I just wanna share about my meal prep. 

After service, I went grocery shopping and bought stuff to do meal prep for the week. I came home at 5 and didn’t finish until 8:30!! I made dinner for tonight, as well as breakfast and dinner for the week! It’s such hard work but it’s so worth it! Here are some things I made…

This is carb free flaxseed meal and chia seed “nOATmeal” 2 tbsp of each and 1/2 c almond milk, 1 tsp of sugar honey (or your preferred sweetener). 

This is the sweetner I used. Sugar honey. It’s real sugar and honey which has less carbs than real honey alone which is about 16g carbs per tsp. This one is only 3. I used a tsp to sweeten my nOATmeal. 

Next I made…

Breakfast. These are ham and egg muffins. I used 6egg whites and 3 full eggs to make these. They have spinach, peppers and mushroom topped with lil cheese. It was my first time making these, and I thought they had to have ham slices to work, but I quickly learned that’s not the case. So if you want a healthier egg muffin, do it without the processed ham, which isn’t very good for the heart in my opinion. So, note to self. Stick to my egg whites only. (I love egg whites and always choose no yolks, but this time I made an eggception (lol, I had to). But truly, I rather stick to my usual egg white, spinach combo.) 

Then I made…

Zucchini lasagna. I don’t have a mandolin, but I used a regular cheese grader and used it to slice the zucchini thin enough. I filled it with ground turkey and spinach. I made this marinara from scratch! So it wasn’t too salty or sweet. Just right! This was my favorite thing I made!! Tasted a tiny bite when it was finished, and it was fantastic! Can’t wait to eat this! 

I cooked four meals at once and made a few snack bags of dried chile mango slices and nuts. I’m seriously tired! Hard work!! But so worth it! I’ll keep you posted on the taste! It’s possible, meal prep is totally possible! Yay! Thank you Jesus! 


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