Day 57- Plan

Okay, so not dwelling on my failure yesterday, I decided that today I would plan better! I left church service and after lunch, we went grocery shopping. I decided that I would meal prep for the whole week and I didn’t care if it took me all day! It practically did!

I made another zucchini lasagna, a broccoli au gratin, diced veggies for the week and even made my morning breakfast for the week (ham and egg white “muffins”)! I’m so excited to not have to worry about this during the week!! Praise Jesus!! It took me a total of 4 hours, 6 hours including shopping! But, it is worth it!! I’m mad that I forgot to photograph everything!! Hopefully, I remember next week.

I will share this photo. While walking to the register, I come upon this ILLUMINATED candy rack!! The produce is under dim light, but the candy is bright and shiny!!! Oh, America. It’s like DEFEAT is the plan… conspiracy, anyone?? (Seriously, don’t get me started on this!! lol) I came upon this sight and started saying… “Oooooohhh get behind me satan!” LOL!! With all those lights, I genuinely meant it! I hope one day, the produce will get this much attention.




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