Day 58- Weekly Check in #6

So technically this should be weekly check in #8 or #9 but since I missed three weeks, I’ll just pick up here.

Last weigh in (12/12/16): 432

Current weight (1/9/17): 426

-6 lbs

Since 11/14/16, that’s a total loss of 21 lbs. I’m pretty shocked its not more considering how much and how fast it normally goes. But its all indicative of my eating. When its messy, the pounds don’t come off as quickly! Technically this makes it 38 lbs lost from my highest weight of 464 lbs. So when I consider those numbers, I feel a bit better. But I, and we cannot let the scale define how good or bad we do or feel. Its a process and its hard! So, today, its 6 lbs less than last week and 21 lbs lost since I started this journey with you. And for that Lord, I am thankful!




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