Day 59- Shoes

“My mama always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where they going, where they been.” –Forrest Gump.

One of the best lines ever written. Forrest Gump is my best friend and one of my heroes. He just gets me. Before I go off on a tangent…

There’s an awful lot you can tell about my raggedy shoes that are falling apart. I bet if these shoes could talk you’d hear about all the times I’ve walked on that treadmill. Times of prayer to be healed, crying out from pain, from exhaustion, begging for freedom and redemption, and on and on. I have been using these shoes since my last skeletoes died! About 3 years. They’re still holding up pretty well to be honest. I will dig up my skeletoes from 2011-2014 and photograph them for you. Those were the greatest shoes ever! Anyway… I am currently struggling with my shoes. I am switching between three shoes at the moment.

The greatest exercise shoe I’ve ever worn was the FILA Skeletoes first generation. They were so wonderful! Fit my foot perfectly! There was no underpronation issues because it molded perfectly to my foot, and it was minimal so nothing clunky or high. Then, FILA went and changed it all!!! GRR! Now the new ones adapt pretty well, but they have a draining vent that hurts my heels and the toes have fabric or sewing seams that cut my toes or give me blisters! So now I have to bandage up all my toes because they’re getting beaten up! I can’t stop using them because they’re minimal and don’t cause me any pain in my joints or feet!! I LOVE SKELETOES, but I’m dying here!!

My other running shoes have taken such a beating and they too are not supporting my foot well. The underpronation is causing major wear on them. Anyway, so here are my current shoes and even a pic of my feet!! (which I would never do because I hate feet!!) But wanted to share my struggle, despite my nasty unpainted toe nails!!! (I’m the nail polish queen, so that genuinely bugs me!!) Anyway, I am looking for the best minimal yet supportive shoe. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks y’all.


Fila Skeletoes E-Z slide drainage


Old running shoes


The tops are starting to peel off. Oh perfect shoe… where are you???


This is totally true. I wear these bandages as a badge of honor. Those band-aids are evidence of hard work and OBEDIENCE!! I trust you Lord. Lead me to the right shoe! 🙂


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