Hey friends… so I’m like almost a full month behind on my “daily” blog here. I will eventually catch up. Here’s where I’m at…
1.) 14 lbs away from reaching my first goal of being under 400 lbs.

2.) Moving. Is. STRESSFUL.

3.) Broken heart, relationships, family, and health.

4.) But God. IS GOOD and He will make a way!
5.) This past month, I’ve been beaten and broken and crushed and persecuted. But God, again in His Sovereign grace keeps me in his grip!!! I’m still pursuing Him. Pray for me friends.

6.) Today is my birthday. It’s been an emotionally exhausting day. I’m overwhelmed with sorrow but I’m fighting to endure!!! Oh be with me, Jesus. I know you are! Give me strength!

7.) Reading the book of John and its washing me anew.
8.) Food is okay. Tempted to give in today. But, I’m fighting on.

9.) I have an urge to run away. God give me courage to stay.

10.) I’ll try to catch up! Lord bless you all.

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